• Ecosystem exploration
  • Strategic direction
  • Business transformation
  • Organizational development
  • Centers of excellence
  • Vision, mission & values
  • Roadmap development
  • Governance
  • New business models, partnerships, markets and technology
  • Frameworks and metrics for evaluating strategic decisions

CENTER OF EXCELLENCE. Designed center of excellence to drive organization efficiency and enable a dynamic global Fortune 500 platform company to grow, scale and deliver shareholder value.

NEW BUSINESS MODEL. Key member of leadership team which defined and delivered new claims management business model and operation in India.

NEW BUSINESS MODEL. Strategist on business model development and real estate investment for companies focused on aquaponics, groundwater remediation and mushrooms.

LEADERSHIP. Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the nonprofit CornerHouse, a child advocacy center known for its international training.

ECOSYSTEM EXPLORATION. Developed framework for organizational and regional ecosystem exploration and key decisions.

VISION MISSION VALUES. Created vision, mission and values for Fortune 500 and nonprofit organizations.